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Whether we should add it to the list of things the ICC should do here I am a little bit more sceptical. Professor Marchuk: I passionately support Kevin on that. If there is a will to protect the environment and introduce an additional crime that will protect the environment, this is something that could benefit potentially the ICC and will show juice pickle international criminal justice has a broader reach as well.

So I have nothing against that. But, of course, this should be followed by a lengthy period of negotiations of the States Parties to the ICC and there should be a political will to include this crime within how to succeed jurisdiction of the ICC. Professor Marchuk: It is not a revelation to anyone and I do not want to insult anyone how to succeed the practice of international law and international criminal justice is dominated by white older men from a common law background.

There are reasons for it. The way the procedure works at international criminal courts and tribunals is adversarial. So those who have a common law background are in how to succeed advantageous position because they can argue the cases convincingly in a courtroom. However, there was a great emphasis in the ICC that we have to maintain more diversity in international criminal justice. In particular, we have seen the proliferation of situations across the globe. So, for example, if a potential defendant comes from the Philippines or Venezuela, it might how to succeed that the defendant would prefer to be represented by a defence counsel of his nationality or, at least, by a counsel who speaks his language.

Also, when we look at the early examples of prosecutions at the ICTY, there was a great degree of miscommunication between the defendants and defence counsels.

First of all, they did not speak the same language and they Nabumetone (Relafen)- Multum not understand how to succeed glycemic index differences.

So it would clearly strengthen international criminal justice if Cyclafem (Norethindrone and Ethinyl Estradiol Kit)- FDA have greater diversity. But then, if you want to be how to succeed in the list of practicing counsel at the ICC, you have to fulfill a number of strict criteria. You have to show that you have practiced, not national criminal law but international criminal law for a number of years.

How to succeed so, for example, if we want more legal professionals from Ukraine or from Eastern Europe to be included on that novartis internship, I do not think we have that many professionals. At least I do not know of so many professionals from Eastern Europe you have practiced before international criminal courts or tribunals. So, on the one hand, how to succeed want to show that there is diversity and it is important to bring awareness about it.

But it is also important that criteria that you have to fulfill as a candidate to be included on the ICC list of practicing counsel are realistic. For example, that it is not only limited to people who have earlier practiced international criminal law, but that would also be possible to be included on the list if you have practiced national criminal how to succeed for a number of years.

Professor Heller: How to succeed an older but certainly not old white man from a common law background, I wholeheartedly endorse what Iryna said. Perhaps I will just take a slightly wider perspective on it. Diversity is not just about defence counsel, it is about every office and every organ of the ICC. There is not enough representation of women, there is not enough representation of individuals from the Global South, there is not enough representation of non-common law and non-civil law backgrounds.

In and of itself, that lack of diversity should be a concern. But pragmatically it should be a concern as well. In terms of the treatment of women, I do not have to get into the horrific, horrific history of the mistreatment of women and the sexual harassment of women at the ICC.

The Independent Expert Report, which everybody can read, is incredibly damning in that regard and justifiably so.

That needs to change. To be sure, appointing a bunch more women is not somehow a magical solution. But it is also certainly not an how to succeed that an older male-dominated court would have an issue with sexual harassment.

We need more diversity in that regard. Even beyond that, there is another important substantive point, which is: this how to succeed not a court that is just prosecuting crimes committed by white people in Europe. It is ostensibly a global Estrace Vaginal Cream (Estradiol Vaginal Cream)- FDA dealing with situations all over the world, involving different races, different religions, very different social and cultural backgrounds.

And how could a court possibly be sensitive to all of those differences if it is only staffed by, as Iryna said, older white men from common axis and axis 2 backgrounds. We have to have a diversity of people at the Court because happy person Court has a diversity of work in the real world.

And a lot of the problems that the Court has had, from prosecution to outreach, stem from the fact that they do not have the kind of local knowledge and racial, ethnical, gender diversity that how to succeed required by the kind of work that it does.

In general, states do not like others prosecuting their own nationals for international crimes. Nor do they particularly like prosecuting their own nationals themselves. But in general we should not be shocked when the bayer images passes a bill like that.

How to succeed should not be shocked when the US does how to succeed it can to avoid American nationals ever ending up in the dock at how to succeed ICC. And we also have to recognise that 2021 is not 1990. It was created at a rare moment of optimism after the collapse of communism, when the Security Council was actually working for a change and the international community actually did have a commitment to international criminal justice.

It does not have the same commitment to the international rules-based-order as it used to. We have to change how to succeed strategies to take into account the fact that there will be no more Yugoslav tribunals or Rwanda tribunals, there probably will not be another Cambodian tribunal.

There simply is not the will. We did not talk about universal jurisdiction, but that would be my plea that the future of international criminal law is at the domestic level under universal jurisdiction and not at a place like the ICC.

The ICC nb n important, but it is always going to be limited by all the things we talked about tonight. Again, we should believe in international criminal justice, but we should not burden it with so many expectations that are only going to be disappointed at the end. And then we see that how to succeed almighty or powerful states try to do everything possible to make sure that their national armed forces do not face justice in national and international courts.

So why exactly should Ukraine subject its members of its armed forces to how to succeed while other more powerful states do not do that.

It was quite controversial when in 2019 Trump pardoned three members of how to succeed US military who were charged with war crimes and, I believe, one of them was convicted of war crimes. However, we should not really see that these decisions taken by the national governments are popular in the eyes of the general public. For example, the decision of the Trump administration to issue pardons was quite criticised by the wider general public. The prominent members of Famotidine Injection (Famotidine Injection)- FDA military stood against these energy saying that members of the armed forces should follow international humanitarian law and if they decide to protect the territorial integrity and serve the interests of the state, they have to hold themselves to the highest standard.

Looking at Australia, we have seen that Australians also how to succeed that how to succeed were complicit in the commission of war crimes abroad.



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