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This crisis opens up possibilities of redefining our desires and requests in relation to the spaces we want to inhabit and allows for typological innovations based on a thorough analysis of historical typologies. Common Architecture entails an engagement with the spaces that are neither private nor public but belong to all of us and tend to be overlooked by the market forces and city governments alike.

Common Architecture deals with the transformation of historical typologies and morphologies into unexpected contemporary forms and patterns of use. Calling for a Common Architecture means to overcome the limits of object-oriented wild exotic animals should not be kept as pets architecture and to engage with specific contexts in their everyday character.

This is not the time to accomplish something. This is the age of wild exotic animals should not be kept as pets fragments. They create an imaginary useful for undoing freedom of image.

The imagination creates semiotic links not matching with the existent combination of images that are registered on a daily base. In his Morphologie: City Metaphors (1982) Oswald Mathias Ungers proposes a way of thinking through metaphors and projects through analogies and images, showing the idea throughout figures that later compose a project.

The model is an intellectual structure setting targets for our creative activities, just com diet the design of model-buildings, model-cities, model-communities, and other model conditions supposedly are setting directions for subsequent actions.

To Ungers theory is one of the many ways of seeing and knowing the world. It is a theory that interprets reality, confers other meanings and signs. Architecture in this frame is an instrument that translates theory. Concretely Ungers tries to simplify the project building process, for the same reason I believe is extremely important not to wild exotic animals should not be kept as pets notes as a project formal reference but only as circumstances to reflect on specific themes, as instruments of thought.

Images so conceived become models not describing but underlining resolute conceptual decisions on a specific theme. During the seminar the students will work around an image used as text to describe their idea of architecture.

The problems with apartments in central Athens include wide spread vacancies, increasing dilapidation and the pressure to accommodate and integrate new immigrants.

Yet there is a problem more serious, one that is not limited to Athens. The contemporary world lets us see an atomization of life, the isolation of wild exotic animals should not be kept as pets person from the other. Individuals are spending most of their lives in closed rooms glued to screens, unaware of other types of life. The apartment cubicle becomes a refuge, an escape into privacy. It is a privacy without neighbours, only strangers, or threats.

The decline in communal awareness, in collective understanding and mutual respect is a new challenge to an ever-changing urban life. We need to address this situation if civic life is to continue. It was exhibited in the facades, the entrances and the floor plans of these buildings. During how to lose weight safely post war years the city was transformed as Greek families from villages poured into the city with no social connections either to their neighbours or to the existing city.

There are both social and economic reasons for this condition. We address the architectural issues. How do they prescribe integration. Despite the current economic problems, the empty no drugs of central Athens offer a unique opportunity to experiment with accommodating other activities in new forms and spaces that foster inclusion. Some of the patterns are examined at the workshop Cityhome, in order to propose critical interventions to the public realm of Florinis Street in Athens.

The ownership of aged apartments in the city center is now offset by unbearable taxation. The real estate and rental market is virtually non-existent, and an over-abundance of apartments remains abandoned. A new, bottom-up approach is necessary at the level of the individual apartment, in order to renew the machinery of the polykatoikia both economically and socially. Although until recently the desires and dreams of middle-class families took shape within the confines of private ownership, ultimately leading to alienation and individualism, today it cissus apparent paint by number kits a much more socially extroverted model wild exotic animals should not be kept as pets cohabitation is needed.

During the workshop we will examine a typical floor plan of an Athenian polykatoikia, submitting it to transformations of extreme extroversion. The method we will follow is that of the cadavre exquis, whereby each apartment will initially be addressed as a fragment, by way of existing elements, and in disregard of neighboring boundaries. The boundaries between different appartments or programs will constitute zones of negotiation between design participants.

Working in teams will define new areas of exploration and lead to the discovery of even richer residential senarios. The goal will be to move from a polykatoikia of autonomous apartments to a collection of parts in common: the Poly-partment. Administered by mixtures of state and non-state players and driven by profound irrationalities, infrastructure space generates de facto, undeclared forms of polity that can outpace law.

About abbott laboratories at a moment of ubiquitous computing, infrastructure space is itself an information system with the power and currency of softwarea spatial operating system for shaping the city. As unlikely as it may seem, this matrix space potentially brings to our art another relevance with different aesthetic pleasures and political capacities.

That book alternates between evidentiary and contemplative segments. So on each of the six session will also alternate between considering evidence and engaging in a contemplation of new practices and habits of mind. Each session chris johnson begin with a short talk, and, since the readings are largely familiar, they will only serve as touchstones.

The seminar sessions will be treated as something more like rehearsals for encountering and manipulating global infrastructure space. The project captures the dynamics of the overwhelming clobesol magnitude flow of refugees through Greece on the basis of reports on the events happening in March 2016.

Considering remedial strategies through the reconfiguration of the available urban resources the currently redundant building stock provides opportunities for immediate solutions. Small scale reconfigurations of existing structures may prove reciprocally beneficial.

Attending to urgent spatial necessities can become an initiative for their gradual upgrade. In this framework Piraeus Tower which has been abandoned since its completion in 1983 serves as an urban paradigm.

Wild exotic animals should not be kept as pets building has the capacity to facilitate more than 8000 people in 20 floors. The project speculates on variable occupancy models and the minimum necessary architectural operations that could activate the redundant structure as a refugee shelter with an outlook to local vulnerable social groups.

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