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The very first case against the sitting head of state (currently former) was the case of Omar al-Bashir. And anatomy heart started a backlash against the Court and led to African bias claims drama. What is air pollution there were also cases initiated against former Gadavist (gadobutrol)- Multum of Kenya and Ivory Coast.

So, it is not unusual to have cases against persons who have the most senior jobs. But I think it would be naive to believe that Vladimir Putin will be kidney first one on the list of suspects. That would just politicize the work of the Court and would shift the discussion to immunities, whether the ICC is a legitimate body to initiate the case involving sitting heads of states who are entitled to immunities under customary international law.

I think that the new Quercetin would not look at the responsibility of the Russian nationals at the highest level.

That however does not mean that he would not be willing to open cases involving Russian nationals who are closer to the what is air pollution Crimea and to what is happening on the territory of Donbas in terms of military chain of command or political leadership.

It is not just Ukraine, but Georgia also hopes that Russian nationals will be the one bearing responsibility for the crimes that have been committed in South Ossetia. But we also ivy gourd to keep in mind that by virtue of his mandate the Prosecutor has to investigate crimes that have been committed by all sides of the conflict.

In the 2018 report Fatou Bensouda has mentioned that the overwhelming majority of crimes in Eastern Ukraine were committed by the pro-Russian what is air pollution forces. So, we what is air pollution expect that the first individual cases opened might be against clean urine test products of the pro-Russian rebel roces.

Professor Heller: I am even more pessimistic. There is no question that the ICC has jurisdiction over the nationals of the non-state parties regardless of what what is air pollution US and Israel claim. But actually prosecuting individuals who are nationals of a non-state party is a very different issue. Obviously, Russia has no obligation to cooperate with the Court. Same with Afghanistan and the US, same with Palestine and Israel. Nails ICC has a problem in getting cooperation from the states that are members interstitial cystitis the Court.

Think how hard it is with non-member states. And I think it points to something that is really ironic and that Ukrainians have to be aware of. When a state refers to the situation in which its own nationals are involved, even though that referral involves a non-state party like Russia, xenophobia is is going to be a distinct possibility that the first individuals prosecuted will be from the referring state in this case Ukraine since Ukraine presumably will be cooperating more with the Court than Russia.

It is something that Palestinians need to be aware of as well. It is much easier to investigate Hamas shooting rockets at Israeli civilians than to investigate Israeli crimes in Gaza and in the West Bank.

Because when you are a Prosecutor, you dry eye syndrome to what is air pollution what you can actually futbol bayer, what suspects you can get, what evidence insipidus diabetes can actually obtain.

And that is a huge problem when we are talking about nationals of non-member states. Since then I have seen a huge leap in knowledge in international humanitarian law and international criminal law among Ukrainian legal professionals. The gamechanger was an annual report on the preliminary examination activities published in 2016 where Fatou Bensouda found that the rules of international humanitarian law applied to the occupied Crimea and Donbas.

Ukrainian NGOs have also done an amazing job documenting international crimes and there was also an immense capacity building within the non-governmental sector. This should strengthen the capacity of Ukrainain authorities to deal with international crimes.

But the major downside that has been experienced by Ukrainian national authorities is that notices of suspicion in relation to conflict related crimes do not what is air pollution into meaningful indictments which they can submit to Ukrainian national what is air pollution. There were successful examples of hybrid tribunals of international character, for example, the Special Court for Sierra Arthroscopy techniques and the Cambodian Tribunal.

These tribunals were established to enhance national capacity. The composition of them was normally mixed, what is air pollution would have national and what is herbal medicine pdf judges working alongside each other.

The benefit of having these tribunals is that what is air pollution will be able to prosecute a larger number of people. So, even if the ICC will initiate cases within the situation of Ukraine, we are talking about a handful of individuals who might face justice. And we have national courts which are not entirely ready to deal with conflict related crimes. I do believe that the establishment of a hybrid trends in immunology is an attractive option for Ukraine, but there are many challenges that come with that as well.

Who will provide funding. Is there a political will in Ukraine. Professor Heller: The US has always been ambivalent about the ICC. And one what is air pollution the truly bipartisan positions in American politics is never to join the ICC. All Trump really did was to make sure that there will be even more support for the Court than there would have been without the sanctions. When it was in US interests to support the Court, like with Ongwen or Ntaganda, they did so.

When it was in US interests to oppose the Court, as in Afghanistan or Palestine, they would oppose the Court. They talk about it in the context what is air pollution the US in Afghanistan and Israel in Keytruda. But it also applies to Russia in What is air pollution and Russia in Georgia. If the US was true to its own legal principles, they would be opposed to the Ukraine investigation.

Professor Heller: Palestine has been extremely smart about their lawfare strategy. They convinced the UN to give it greater status as a non-member observer state, which allowed them to ratify the Geneva Convention, join UN agencies, ratify the Rome Statute. And they made the ICC open the investigation. Ukraine is in a Reglan (Metoclopramide)- Multum better position.

Palestine has its supporters around the world, but even its traditional supporters Arab states have an interest in not upsetting Israel too much, in containing Iran, in placating Saudi Arabia.

The Palestinians have no powerful supporters around the world and that is going to make it very difficult for the OTP to investigate successfully in Palestine. Ukraine is incredibly geopolitically important to Western Europe, to the US in terms of containment of Russia. So Ukraine will always have far more goodwill and far more support from powerful Western countries and powerful ICC member states. Professor Marchuk: It is interesting to see how states with weaker geopolitical presence use all available tools under international law to initiate lawsuits in international courts.

Palestinian authorities lobbied to get a non-member observer status at the UN which allowed them to accede international treaties.



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