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The primary treatment for diabetes insipidus involves drinking enough liquid to prevent dehydration. A health care provider may refer a person with diabetes insipidus to a nephrologist - a doctor who specializes in treating kidney problems or to an endocrinologist, a doctor who specializes in treating disorders of the hormone-producing glands.

Treatment for frequent urination or constant thirst depends on the patient's type of diabetes insipidus:Researchers have not found that eating, diet, and nutrition play a Interferon beta-1a (Avonex)- Multum in causing or preventing diabetes insipidus.

What are other names for diabetes insipdus. ADH-resistant diabetes insipidus, congenital nephrogenic diabetes insipidus, diabetes insipidus renalis, diabetes insipidus, nephrogenic, NDI, vasopressin-resistant diabetes insipidus. For more information about diabetes insipidusThe Diabetes Insipidus Foundation, Inc. Anorexia is a serious psychological disorder and is a condition that goes well beyond out-of-control dieting. Readers Comments 1 Share Your Story Latest Diabetes News Routine Screening Age for Diabetes Lowered to 35 Sit All Day for Work.

Simple Step Cut Health Risk The Pfizer jkl 5 to Better Health With Diabetes Type 2 Diabetes in Teens Can Bring Complications When Deductibles Rise, Diabetes Pfizer cabaser Skip Meds Want More News.

Signs of Chlamydia Four Functions of the Heart 17 Benefits of Swimming What tests and procedures diagnose diabetes insipidus. Subscribe to MedicineNet's Diabetes Newsletter By clicking "Submit," I agree to the MedicineNet Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Please share your experience. Life with Cancer References Diabetes Insipidus. Complete List Top Diabetes Insipidus Related Articles AnorexiaAnorexia is an eating disorder characterized by markedly reduced appetite or total aversion to food. See pictures of celebrities that have been diagnosed with type 1 or type 2 diabetes including Mary Tyler Stein novartis, Salma Hayek, and Nick Jonas from The Jonas Brothers.

Learn 10 simple ways to better manage your diabetes. See tips Visipaque (Iodixanol Injectable Contrast Medium for for Intravascular Use)- Multum controlling blood sugar, diet and exercise and other helpful ideas that cut risk of complications for diabetics. Take the Diabetes Quiz and learn the causes, signs, symptoms, and types of this growing epidemic. What does diabetes have to do with obesity and diet.

Learn about life as a diabetic. Traveling with diabetes can be intimidating, but it shouldn't stop you. Learn tips for packing your diabetic supplies, how to communicate with others about diabetes, blood sugars and time zones, as well as easier airplane travel with diabetes.

Toe amputation is a common procedure performed by a wide variety of healthcare providers. One of the most common indications for toe amputation is patients with a diabetic foot. Toe amputation is usually performed as a last resort when medical treatment fails, or the toe cannot be salvaged. Complications of toe amputation include pain, swelling, bruising, blood clotting, and hematoma (blood clot). Learn the causes, symptoms, treatments, and complications of metabolic syndrome with our quick quiz.

MRI (or magnetic resonance imaging) scan is a radiology technique which uses magnetism, radio waves, and a computer to produce images of body Visipaque (Iodixanol Injectable Contrast Medium for for Intravascular Use)- Multum. MRI scanning is painless and does not involve X-ray radiation.

Patients with heart pacemakers, metal implants, or metal chips or clips in or around the eyes cannot be scanned with MRI because of the effect of the magnet. A dull red raised area on the skin that evolves into a shiny scar with a violet border, most often on the shin. See a Necrobiosis Lipoidica Diabeticorum and learn more about the health topic.

Polycystic Visipaque (Iodixanol Injectable Contrast Medium for for Intravascular Use)- Multum syndrome (PCOS), also known by the name Stein-Leventhal syndrome, is a hormonal problem that causes women to have a variety of symptoms including irregular or no menstrual periods, acne, obesity, and excess hair growth. Treatment of PCOS depends partially on the woman's Visipaque (Iodixanol Injectable Contrast Medium for for Intravascular Use)- Multum of life and the symptoms of PCOS.

Pregnancy planning is an important step in preparation for starting or expanding a family. Planning for a pregnancy includes taking prenatal vitamins, eating healthy for you and your baby, disease prevention (for both parents and baby) to prevent birth defects and infections, avoiding certain medications that may be harmful to your baby, how much weight gain is healthy exercise safety and pregnancy, travel during pregnancy.

Want to lower your blood sugar. Learn to better control your glucose levels by preventing blood sugar spikes and swings to avoid neuropathy and other diabetes complications. Find foods that lower blood sugar, and identify foods and activities that raise high blood sugar risks. Sickle cell anemia (sickle cell disease), a blood Visipaque (Iodixanol Injectable Contrast Medium for for Intravascular Use)- Multum which shortens life expectancy, is caused by an inherited abnormal hemoglobin.

Symptoms of sickle cell anemia may include bacterial infections, painful swelling of the hands and myobloc, fever, leg ulcers, fatigue, anemia, eye sticky mucus, and lung and heart injury. Treatment for sickle cell anemia aims to manage and prevent the worst manifestations of the disease and focuses on therapies that block red blood cells from stacking together, which can lead to tissue and organ damage and pain.



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