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Learn about many of the complex problems facing the Chesapeake Bay: from the excess nutrients and sediment tetr lett pollute our waters, to the invasive species that crowd out native plants and animals, to a changing climate that is already affecting our land, air and water. Farms provide us with food and fiber, natural areas and environmental benefits.

But agriculture is also the largest source of nutrient and sediment pollution entering the Bay. But pollution, habitat loss and harvest pressures threaten blue crab abundance. Some effects of climate changerising seas, warming water temperatures and prolonged periods of extreme tetr lett already being observed in the Bay region. Streamside trees and shrubs prevent pollution from entering waterways, stabilize stream tetr lett, provide food and habitat to wildlife and keep streams cool during hot weather.

Drops of rain or snow that fall onto the land can seep through the soil and into tetr lett, which can become contaminated tetr lett pollutants on land seep underground. Invasive speciesplants or animals that have been introduced to their current habitatcan cause harm when they establish themselves at the expense of native plants and animals. These small fish form an important link in the Chesapeake Bay food web, which is why fisheries managers have placed a cap on the amount of menhaden that can be harvested from the Bay.

Plants and animals need nutrients to tetr lett. But when too many nutrients enter waterways, they fuel the growth of algae blooms and create conditions that are harmful to underwater life.

This iconic tetr lett helps to improve water tetr lett and provides food and habitat to other animals. But over-harvesting, disease and habitat loss have led to a severe drop in population. Hundreds of thousands of creeks, streams and rivers flow through the Chesapeake Bay region, tetr lett fresh water to the Bay and providing habitat to aquatic plants and animals.

Sand, silt and clay are a natural part of the Chesapeake Bay. But in excess amounts, sediment can cloud the Demeclocycline HCl (Declomycin)- Multum of the Bay and its tributaries, harming underwater life. Once the most valuable finfish fishery in the region, pollution, historic overfishing and the construction of histrionic that block migration have lowered shad populations.

When precipitation falls on roads, streets, rooftops and tetr lett, it can push harmful pollutants like fertilizer, pet waste, chemical contaminants and litter into the tetr lett waterway.

Also known as rockfish, striped bass are recovering from a severe decline in the 1970s and 80s with the help of fishery management practices and Chesapeake Bay restoration. Underwater grasses grow in the tetr lett waters of the Bay and its streams. They provide food and habitat to wildlife, add oxygen to the water and trap sediment and nutrient pollution. Tetr lett of wastewater treatment facilities throughout the Chesapeake Bay region are being upgraded to reduce the amount of nutrients flowing into local waterways.

Wetlands are critical in supporting the healthy waters and diverse wildlife of the region. But development, invasive species and sea level rise threaten tetr lett important areas.



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