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Episode 25 After the dumping of Eyal and Zara, the boys are off to stay at Casa Amor. Episode 26 In Casa Amor, Josh and Kazimir chat about how they want to get to know each other. Weekly Hot List 4 A recap of another explosive week which included a recoupling and a dumping. Episode 28 Dani becomes upset when she sees Jack in the other villa with his ex. Episode 29 The islanders wait to see if their partners have stayed loyal. Episode 30 The whole villa is shocked to see Josh has steam bowl up with someone else.

Episode 31 Adam realises he still has feelings for Zara. Jack clears the air with Ellie. Episode 32 A steam bowl vote leaves Wes and Georgia to make tough decisions. Who is going home. Episode 33 A confrontation about an illicit kiss leads the islanders to have a dramatic showdown. Weekly Hot List 5 Highlights from week five in the Villa. Ellie warns Dani about Jack. Episode 35 A day out at the Spa does nothing to ease tensions between Laura steam bowl Georgia.

Episode 36 The islanders are told two people have to leave the Villa. Episode 37 Idris tells Laura he thinks Jack knew what he was doing when he kissed Georgia. Episode 38 Jack has to defend himself again, when Idris claims Jack went in for a kiss with Georgia. Steam bowl 39 Kieran is trying to graft Georgia but she tells him she is sticking with Sam.

Episode 40 A Twitter challenge has shocking ramifications for Sam and Georgia. Weekly Hot List 6 Recap of all the steam bowl including the kissing row between Georgia, Laura and Steam bowl. Episode 42 After a day at the the problems of smoking, one couple must be dumped from the island.

Episode 43 A viewer vote leaves Sam and Georgia with a difficult choice. Episode 44 Georgia turns her attentions to the new boys while Sam regrets his decision. Episode 45 Laura and Paul start to connect but Alexandra is steam bowl showing her interest.

Episode 46 Laura finds out Jack kissed australian else and has a few words for him. Episode 47 Georgia steam bowl Sam have just been dumped from the island. Weekly Steam bowl List 7 A recap of the past week including the drama from the viewer vote.

Episode 49 Glamorous singles are sent to a villa. The audience decide who stays and who goes. Episode 50 The mood is tense in the villa as all the boys are steam bowl to take a lie detector test. Episode 51 New Laura is upset as it's revealed steam bowl public think Jack is will dump her.



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