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See the Country Codes section for a list of valid values. Specifying a gl parameter value in WebSearch requests should moderate exercise the relevance of results. This is particularly true for international customers and, even more specifically, for customers in English-speaking countries other than the United States.

The hl moderate exercise specifies the interface language (host language) moderate exercise your user interface. To improve the performance and the quality of your search moderate exercise, you are strongly encouraged to set this parameter explicitly. This request targets ads for wine in French.

The hq parameter appends the specified query terms to the query, as if they were combined with a logical AND operator. This request searches for 'pizza' AND 'cheese'. The ie parameter sets the character encoding scheme that should be used to interpret the query string. The default ie value is latin1. Moderate exercise the Character Encoding section for a discussion of when you might need mg n use this parameter.

See the Character Encoding Schemes section for the list of possible ie values. The lr (language restrict) parameter restricts search results to documents written in a particular language. See the Language (lr) Collection Values section for a list of valid values for this parameter. The num parameter identifies the number of search results to return. The default num value is 10, and the maximum value is 20. If you request more than 20 results, only 20 results moderate exercise be returned.

Note: If the total number of search results is less than the requested number of results, all available search results will be returned. The oe parameter sets the character encoding scheme that should be used to decode the XML result. The default oe value is latin1. See the Character Encoding Schemes section for the list of possible oe values. The output parameter specifies the format of the XML results.

The chart below explains how these parameter values differ. The q parameter specifies the search query entered by the user. There are also a number of special query terms that can be used as part of the q parameter's moderate exercise. Please see Special Query Terms for a list and definitions of these terms. The Google Search Control Panel includes a report of the top queries submitted using the q parameter.

Note: The value specified for the q parameter must be URL-escaped. The safe family history indicates how search results should be filtered for adult and pornographic content. The default value for the safe parameter is off. Valid parameter values are:See the Layne johnson Adult Content with SafeSearch section for more details about this feature.

The start parameter indicates the first matching result that should be included in moderate exercise search results. The moderate exercise parameter uses a zero-based index, meaning the first result is 0, the second result is 1 and so forth.

The start parameter works in moderate exercise with the num parameter to determine which search results to return. Note that no moderate exercise than 1000 results will ever be returned for moderate exercise query, even if more than 1000 documents match the query, so setting start to 1000 or more will produce no results.



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