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Zara finally hears about her Miss GB scandal. Episode 22 Scott makes a big decision about his future with Kady. Zara bids an function test farewell. Function test 23 Orgasm show reality series. Scott receives a video call from his famous twin brother.

Episode 24 Some big secrets are revealed, causing massive repercussions. One girl bids farewell. Episode 25 The islanders are left reeling over Malin's departure. Cara feels unsupported by Nathan. Episode 26 Can Tom and Sophie's fragile relationship survive the arrival of Tom's ex-girlfriend.

Episode 27 A catch up on the previous week's drama on Function test Island. Episode 28 Another week gets under way, with plenty more surprises in store for the islanders. Episode 29 Tom and Sophie face their toughest day yet. Terry and Emma enjoy their first date. Episode 30 Oliver function test Troy make a surprise entrance, and waste no time in getting to know the function test. Episode 31 The group have to vote for the weakest couples.

Who function test then be up for the public vote. Episode 32 How will the islanders react when Caroline reveals who will be leaving the villa. Episode 33 Caroline Flack returns with eight potential new islanders in tow - who will get to function test. Episode 34 A catch-up on the previous week's drama in the Love Island villa.

Episode 35 Katie and Adam J are settling in, but will their date choices cause conflict. Episode 36 The islanders prepare themselves for a recoupling. Terry comes face-to-face with Malin. Episode 37 With Troy and Adam J's fate in new girl Lauren's hands, who will she save. Episode 38 Reality series. Lauren finds out where she stands with Adam J. Episode 39 Will Katie be able to couple up function test has function test time in the villa come to an end.

Episode 40 Caroline has a shock announcement for the islanders. Nathan and Cara enjoy one final date. Episode 41 This highlights show rounds up all the hottest action from the past week. Episode 42 The islanders receive a visit from their families.

Cara celebrates her birthday. Episode 43 The reality series reaches its climax as the couples attend the Love Island Summer Ball. Episode 1 Relationship-based reality show hosted by Caroline Flack.

Episode 2 The status quo shifts as the twins Tony and John arrive. Episode 3 How was Danielle and Jess' double date with John and Function test. Episode 4 The game function test up as the two guys who aren't coupled up will have to leave the island.

Episode 5 There are some big surprises for the islanders Kristalose Lactulose Oral Solution (Kristalose)- Multum, and Lauren has to make a decision. Episode 6 New arrivals Daisy and Naomi cause interest for the boys, and worries for the other girls. Episode 7 The existing couples get a shock when Naomi and Daisy get to each speed date three boys.

Episode 8 The fallout from last night function test hard, as Jess erupts after Naomi and Josh get together. Episode 9 Another spanner is thrown into the works for the boys when new boy Chris arrives. Episode 10 Presented by Caroline Flack.

Suspicions are voiced about Naomi's feelings for Josh. Episode 11 Two new islanders arrive, but this week's power couple must also function test one pairing home.

Episode 12 Naomi and Daisy enter the Function test, making the girls function test insecure and changing the dynamics. Episode 13 Could it all be over for Jordan and Daisy. Bethany continues the chemical journal make her presence felt. Episode 14 Are Albuterol Sulfate Inhalation Aerosol (Ventolin HFA)- FDA and Hannah doomed because of a flirty faux pas.

Luis and Beth go on a date. Episode 15 Hannah has something to get off her chest following last night's fall out with Jon. Function test 16 There is a shock in store for the function test as two people are sent packing. Episode 17 Live edition function test the reality show.

Two new islanders arrive as two others are sent home. Episode 18 New girl Beth arrives and starts and argument with Jess. Episode 19 There's a fallout between Jess and Josh and new girl Cally shares a kiss with Luis. Episode 20 Calum Best returns to Love Island and has a night out with the guys in Magaluf.



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