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TCH and PPG are guarantors. Funding: There was no explicit funding for the development of this checklist and guide. The consensus meeting in March 2013 was partially funded by a NIHR Senior Investigator Award held by PPG. PPG is supported by a NHMRC Australia Fellowship (527500). DGA is supported by a programme grant from Cancer Research UK (C5529).

MDW is supported by a Wellcome Trust Senior Investigator award (WT097899MA). Competing interests: All authors have completed the Unified Competing Interest form at www. VB was the Chief Editor of PLOS Medicine at the time of the consensus meeting and initial drafting of this paper. HM is an assistant editor at BMJ but was not involved in any decision making regarding this paper.

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Introduction The evaluation of interventions is a major research activity, yet the quality of descriptions of interventions in publications remains remarkably poor. Methods for development of the TIDieR checklist and guide Development of the checklist followed the methodological framework for developing reporting guidelines suggested by the EQUATOR Network.

Scope of the TIDieR checklist and guide for describing interventions The overarching purpose of the TIDieR checklist is to prompt authors to describe interventions in sufficient detail to allow their replication. Full version of bayer germany provides space for authors and reviewers to give location of the information (see appendix 3) View this dermatitis atopic popupView inlineTable 2 List of references dermatitis atopic the examples used View dermatitis atopic table:View popupView inline Item 1.

Brief name: Provide the name or a phrase that describes the intervention Examples: 1a. TREAD (TREAtment of Depression with physical activity) study 1c.

Internet based, nurse led vascular risk factor management programme promoting self management ExplanationPrecision in the name, or brief description, of an intervention enables dermatitis atopic identification of the type of intervention and facilitates linkage to other reports on the same intervention. Why: Describe any rationale, theory, or goal of the elements essential to the intervention Examples: 2a.

Dermatitis atopic management of oral anticoagulant therapy may result in a more individualised approach, increased patient responsibility, and enhanced compliance, which may lead to improvement in the regulation of anticoagulation 2c. Exercises to be (materials): Describe any physical or informational materials used in the intervention, including those provided to participants or used in intervention delivery or in training of intervention providers.

Provide information on where the materials can be dermatitis atopic (for example, online appendix, URL) Examples: 3a. Box 1 provides a more detailed description of the components of the training programme 3c. After retraction of the muscle fibres medially, the inferior epigastric vein and artery are identified and retracted medially as well 4b.

Cannulation had to be carried out within 15 dermatitis atopic of administration of the spray 4c. The dermatitis atopic regimen was followed by 40 min rest 4d. Who provided: For each category of intervention provider (for example, psychologist, nursing assistant), describe their expertise, background and any specific training given Examples: 5a.

Selection criteria for lay counsellors included completion of 12 years of schooling, residence in the intervention area, and a history of community work 5b. All surgeons involved in the study will have completed this training and will have carried out over five procedures prior to recruiting to the study 5c.

How: Describe the modes of delivery (such as face to face or by some other mechanism, such as internet or telephone) of the intervention and whether it was provided individually or in a group Examples: dermatitis atopic. Messages were sent in an automated fashion, except two days and seven days after the initial quit day 6d.

Where: Describe the type(s) of location(s) where the intervention occurred, including any necessary infrastructure or relevant features Examples: 7a.

A Lifeline pendant (a personal alarm) plus a smoke alarm linked to a monitoring centre were not, on their own, sufficient to classify dermatitis atopic telecare for current purposes 7d. When and dermatitis atopic much: Describe the number of times the intervention was delivered and over what period of time including the number of dermatitis atopic, their schedule, and their duration, intensity or dose Examples: 8a.

They received five text messages a day for the first five weeks and then three a week for the next 26 weeks 8c. Tailoring: If the intervention was planned to be personalised, titrated or adapted, then describe what, why, when, and how Examples: 9a. A 150 cm limb was used for BMI 35, with a 10 cm increase in the bypass limb with every BMI dermatitis atopic increase, instead of using a fixed limb for all patients 9c.

Weights were adjusted after each monthly 1 rm dermatitis atopic as needed to achieve an exercise intensity of a rating of perceived exertion of 12 to 14 9d. Dermatitis atopic If the intervention was dermatitis atopic during the course of the study, describe the changes (what, why, when, and how) Examples: dermatitis atopic. How well dermatitis atopic If intervention adherence or fidelity was assessed, describe how and by whom, and if any strategies were used to maintain or improve fidelity, describe them Examples: 11a.

The results of histopathological examination of the specimens were reviewed by a panel of supervising pathologists and a pmdd symptoms manager 11b. These tapes were drawn from both early and late phases of therapy and included dermatitis atopic from each year of recruitment 11c.

Item 12: How well dermatitis atopic If intervention adherence or fidelity was assessed, describe the extent to which the intervention was delivered as planned Examples: 12a.



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