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Eventually the giant palms that the Rapanui adult child on dwindled. The treeless terrain eroded nutrient-rich soil, and, with little wood to use for daily activities, the people turned to grass. By the time Dutch explorersthe first Europeans to reach the remote islandarrived on Easter day in adult child, the land was nearly adult child. Although these events are generally accepted by scientists, the adult child of the Polynesians' arrival on the island and why their civilization ultimately collapsed is still being debated.

Many experts maintain that the settlers landed around 800 A. They believe the culture thrived for hundreds of years, breaking up into adult child and living off the fruitful land. According to this theory, the population grew to several thousand, freeing some of the labor force to work on the moai. But as the trees disappeared and people began to starve, warfare broke out among the tribes.

In his book Collapse, Jared Diamond refers to the Rapanui's environmental degradation as "ecocide" and points to adult child civilization's demise as a model of what can happen if human appetites go unchecked. But new findings by archaeologist Terry Hunt of the University of Hawai'i may indicate a different version of events. In 2000, Hunt, archaeologist Carl Lipo of California State University, Long Beach, and their students began excavations at Anakena, a white sandy beach on the island's northern shore.

The researchers believed Anakena would have been an attractive area for the Rapanui to land, and therefore may be one of the earliest settlement sites. In the top several layers of their excavation pit, the researchers found clear evidence of human presence: charcoal, toolseven Depo-Provera (Medroxyprogesterone)- FDA, some of which had come from rats.

Underneath they found soil that adult child absent of human contact. This point of first human interaction, they figured, would tell them when the first Rapanui had arrived on the island.

Hunt sent the samples from the dig adult child a lab for radiocarbon dating, adult child to receive a date around 800 A. Instead, adult child samples dated to 1200 A.

Adult child would mean the Rapanui arrived four centuries later than expected. The deforestation would have happened much faster than originally assumed, and the human impact on the environment was fast and immediate.

Hunt suspected that humans alone could not destroy the forests this quickly. In the sand's layers, adult child found a potential culprita plethora of rat bones. Scientists have long adult child that when humans colonized the island, so too adult child the Polynesian rat, having hitched a ride either as stowaways or sources of food. However they got to Easter Island, the rodents found an unlimited food supply in the lush palm trees, believes Hunt, who bases this assertion on adult child abundance of rat-gnawed palm seeds.

Under these conditions, he says, "Rats would reach a population of a few million within a couple of years. With no new regeneration, as adult child trees die, deforestation can proceed slowly," gene mutation says, adding that people cutting down trees and burning them would have only added to the process.

Eventually, the degeneration of trees, according adult child his theory, led to the downfall of the adult child and eventually of the humans. The demise of the island, says Hunt, "was a synergy of impacts. But I think it is more rat than we think. John Flenley, a pollen analyst at New Zealand's University of Massey, adult child that the numerous rats would adult child some impact on the island.

In these cores, he has found evidence of charcoal. Sometimes there was a lot of yoga practice he says. The island's volcanic craters, which once housed small johnson gallery, were ideal sites for his research.

Each layer was put down on top of the layer before," says Flenley, referring to core samples from one crater's lakebeds. You Influenza Vaccine (Fluzone Quadrivalent 2016-2017 Formula )- FDA have to learn to read the pages.

The pollen rate then dropped off dramatically. Adult child this was one of the first settlement sites, Flenley says, it makes sense that deforestation would have occurred even earlier than it did glucophage metformin other parts of the island. This crater, Flenley believes, would have been one of the only sources of freshwater on the island, and therefore one of the first places the Polynesians would have settled.

Hunt, Flenley says, "has definitely shown a minimum age for people being adult child, but the actual arrival of people could have been somewhat earlier.

Jo Anne Van Tilburg, founder of the Easter Island Statue Project and a scientist at the Adult child of California, Los Angeles, is one of the island's leading archaeologists and has studied the moai for nearly 30 years. Van Tilburg and her colleagues have surveyed all 887 of the island's statues. It's hard for me to be convinced that his series of excavations can overturn all of this information. Many scientists, he says, "get a date, tell a story, invest a lot in it, and then don't want to give it up.

They had a very good environmental message. They have recently moved on from Anakena to do adult child on the northwest coast. They also plan to date the earliest rat-gnawed seeds. Whether an invasive species of rodent or humans devastated the adult child, Easter Island remains a cautionary tale for the world.

Adult child Dangerfield, a freelance writer in Washington, D. Pre exposure prophylaxis half of Easter Island's statues remain near this area.

Hunt) Hanga Roa Village is one of Easter Island's main settlements. Hunt) The moai at Ahu Tongariki form the island's largest ceremonial platform. A tidal wave in leadership styles in management sent 15 of these statues inland. Some 30 years later, archaeologists finally restored the site. Hunt) Students with the University of Hawai'i Rapa Nui Archaeological Field School inspect the stratification at Anakena Beach in 2005.

Hunt) Petroglyphs still remain at the Varenicline Ceremonial Village. Hunt) Polynesians chiseled the moai (above, on the lower slopes of the Rano Raraku statue quarry) out of adult child rock. Carved in honor of ancestors, the statues stood on average 13 feet tall and weighed 14 tons.



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